Selasa, 12 September 2017


Yeah, finally back to blogging again. I think about made my blog into bahasa Indonesia dan campur campur Inggris suka suka saya la ya, gk suka ya tinggal dipencet close button just as simple as that hahahaha. Jadi hari ini aku mau ngomongin soal alis, my holy grail eyebrow essential. Hal-hal wajib yang aku pakai sehari-hari kalo aku ngalis, because alis is lyfe hahahaha.

What Inside : 
Make Over Eyebrow Definition Kit 
MUJI Eyebrow Pencil Shade Gray
 NYX Tinted Brow Mascara Shade Brunette

Penampakan isi di dalam Make Over Eyebrow Definition Kit ini. Jadi ada tiga macam ya, dua kotak pertama dari kiri itu brow shadows untuk mengisi alis dan yang paling kanan adalah concealer. What a quite complete package yah. Aku si lumayan suka eyebrow kit ini, warna gelap dan wanna mudanya juga sudah cocok but I still need a pencil and eyebrow mascara that's why I'll introduce you another my eyebrow things.
Price : IDR 109.000 or something. aku lupa karena dapetnya FREE goodie bag dari ikutan make-up class Make Over tahun lulu. That was my first make-up class ;)

Setelah menggambar alis dengan pensil alis MUJI lanjut isi alis dengan Make Over trus last touch up with NYX Tinted Brow Mascara Shade Brunette. If you wondering I use shade number two from left. Aku gak pernah sulam alis atau sejenisnya dan bahkan gak pernah kepikiran untuk itu karena alis aku udah tebel cuma arah bulu alisnya itu sedikit turun jadi butuh mascara as my eyebrow wax biar dia gk jatuh hahahaha. Soalnya kalo bulu mata jatuh entah kenapa ilusi aja seluruh whole face jadi berasa kena grafitasi ikutan jatuh, ah mata kita emang mudah tertipu ya hahahaha.
Price : IDR 140.000 beli di counter NYX di METRO kalo gak salah inget.

FYI pensil alis MUJI gak dijual di Indonesia ya entah mengapa aku gk tau, skincare dan cosmetic MUJI is not available in Indonesia, jadi biasanya aku beli di MUJI Singapore or Malaysia. Yang mau nyobain ato nitip si eyebrow pensil MUJI boleh langsung DM aku aja di instagram. Aku cocok banget pake pensil alis ini dua habis empat pensil mungkin. 

Senin, 20 Februari 2017


As I told you on my first post on my blog, I have an ISFP personality. It is mean I'm introvert person who are sensitive, easy going person with tend to live in the moment and calm. Observant and curious, ISFP person see the best in others and have a strong desire to maintain harmonious relationships. Do you ever take a test to discover your personality? Get your test HERE

Minggu, 19 Februari 2017


This is my second time I had dinner on here. The first time when New Year Eve ate Japanese menu set, but that set menu only for special occasion, so I won't tell much about that. I want to share my experience having fine dining with daily menu. I'm going here few times and love everything. I really recommended this place and just like they said reserve to make the perfect and exquisite setting for perfect fine dinning rendezvous.

I tried special menu on that night. This is Vol Au Vent baked puff pastry with chicken, mushroom and scarmoza cheese. This is so delicious, the crispy texture and the soft filling really blended perfectly in my mouth. And I ordered Rose Bouquet martini and I really love it. Rose Bouquet is a mixture of London No1 Blue Gin with elderflower liqueur, rose water, jasmine syrup and lemon, garnished with bouquet of rose within an ice ball. You should try this.

Can you guess what kind of this steak? Not look pretty on the plate but this is taste so delicious. Special menu on here and you can share about three or four person. This is named Tomahawk, grilled black angus tomahawk with roasted vegetables and three kinds of the chef selection sauce. Actually I love my steak grilled medium well but this one is medium rare and freaking amazing I like it. And if you wondering what kind of cocktail on the table, that is Classic Dry Gin Martini, dry gin mixed with a splash of dry vermouth and garnished with twist of lemon or olive.

Darmokali 10 Surabaya
Open everyday : 11am - 10.30pm (last order)


This is January highlight from my Starbucks planner, including weekly and monthly pages as seen as my INSTAGRAM feed. My January was so great, I'm glad having you all kesayangannya Dindin.


Hello this is your blogger. My name is Diana Ang from Indonesia but you can call me Dindin. Once upon a time I was a blogger, I love writing and this month is my planner's instagram first anniversary, so I think this is good timing to back writing again, back to blogging. I'm an introvert with ISFP personality, phlegmatic sanguine person. Enjoy reading my blog, I hope you'll love it and have a nice day.